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Medicine Recalls

The list below contains recalls that were issued in 2019. 10/8/2019 10:00:00 AM

Medtronic is recalling the 6 French Sherpa NX Active Guide Catheter due to a risk of the outer material separating from the device resulting in detached fragments that could result in the underlying stainless-steel braid wires being exposed. 10/8/2019

FDA is strengthening its warning to consumers to stop using vaping products containing THC amid more than 1,000 reports of lung injuries-including some resulting in deaths-following the use of vaping products. 10/4/2019 2:17:00 PM

List of CBER FY 2018 Recall Postings. 10/2/2019 7:15:00 AM

Listing of CBER FY 2019 Recall Postings 10/2/2019 7:15:00 AM

The FDA posts Medical Device Safety Communications to describe the FDA's current analysis of an issue and contain specific regulatory approaches and clinical recommendations for patient management. 10/1/2019 10:00:00 AM

URGENT/11 Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in a Widely-Used Third-Party Software Component May Introduce Risks During Use of Certain Medical Devices: FDA Safety Communication 10/1/2019

Mavidon is voluntarily recalling 21 lots of LemonPrep? 4 ounce tubes and single use cups to user level. These products have been found to be contaminated with Burkholderia cepacia. The specific lots are listed below: 9/26/2019

Apotex Corp. is voluntarily, on a precautionary basis, recalling Ranitidine Tablets 75mg and 150mg (All pack sizes and Formats) to the Retail level. Apotex has learned from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other Global regulators that some ranitidine medicines including brand and generic fo 9/25/2019

- Sandoz Inc. is voluntarily recalling all quantities and lots within expiry of Ranitidine Hydrochloride Capsules in the US to the consumer level because of confirmed contamination with N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) above levels established by the FDA in batches of Sandoz Ranitidine Hydrochloride C 9/23/2019

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited is expanding its recall for Losartan Potassium Tablets USP and Losartan Potassium/hydrochlorothiazide tablets, USP, to the consumer level due to the detection of trace amounts of an unexpected impurity. 9/19/2019

FDA has classified the voluntary action as a Class I recall for the Teleflex Medical Recalls the Hudson RCI Sheridan and Sheridan Endotracheal Tubes Due to Risk of the Sheridan Connector Disconnecting from the Breathing Circuit 9/17/2019 12:45:00 PM

Fitoterapia USA Inc., is voluntarily recalling 19,000 bottles of MACHO ARTIFICIAL PASSION FRUIT FLAVORED VITAMIN C LIQUID SUPPLEMENT, liquid dietary supplement to the consumer level. FDA analysis has found the product to be tainted with Tadalafil. Tadalafil is an active ingredient in a FDA- approved 9/16/2019

Consumers are likely aware of the recent reports of respiratory illnesses - including some resulting in deaths - following the use of vaping products.The FDA is working closely with the CDC, as well as state and local public health partners to investigate them as quickly as possible. 9/14/2019 10:02:00 PM

FDA is warning that Ibrance (palbociclib), Kisqali (ribociclib), and Verzenio (abemaciclib) used to treat some patients with advanced breast cancers may cause rare but severe inflammation of the lungs. 9/13/2019 12:00:00 PM

FDA has learned that some ranitidine medicines, including some products commonly known as the brand-name drug Zantac, contain NDMA. 9/12/2019 12:00:00 PM

Allergan Recalls Natrelle Biocell Textured Breast Implants Due to Risk of BIA-ALCL Cancer 9/12/2019

Darmerica LLC is voluntarily recalling two lots, DR4654A and DL4654A, of Quinacrine Dihydrochloride, bulk API powder packaged in Amber HDPE Bottles to the consumer level. This product is being recalled due to a label mix-up. Product intended for further compounding use by pharmacies labeled as Quin 9/12/2019

KRS Global Biotechnology, Inc. is voluntarily recalling all lots of unexpired human and animal drugs intended to be sterile to the consumer level. The products are being recalled due to lack of assurance of sterility. 9/12/2019

Both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working tirelessly to investigate the distressing incidents of severe respiratory disease associated with use of e-cigarette products. 8/31/2019 10:01:00 PM

FDA has received reports that the use of Mavyret, Zepatier, or Vosevi to treat chronic Hepatitis C in patients with moderate to severe liver impairment has resulted in rare cases of worsening liver function or liver failure. 8/31/2019 10:01:00 PM

Drug Safety Communication - Due to an Increased Risk of Blood Clots and Death with Higher Dose 8/17/2019 10:01:00 PM

FDA MedWatch Alert regarding Fecal Microbiota for Transplantation: Safety Communication- Risk of Serious Adverse Reactions Due to Transmission of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms 6/15/2019 10:01:00 PM

Safety Communication - Related to Seizures Reported Following E-cigarette Use, Particularly in Youth and Young Adults 5/18/2019 10:01:00 PM

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